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City governments are being overwhelmed by mobility options: this new software wants to help

The car on Tuesday was also only traveling at about 40 mph, but Musk said he hopes the vehicles will one day zip at mph. The cars would travel at top speed through the tunnels, which would only stop at main thoroughfares.

Ted 2017: Elon Musk's vision for underground road system

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Enlarge Image. Theodosius of the Caves whose body is preserved by the monks at the Lavra cave monastery in Kyiv. Ahead, there is a pipe across the tunnel; various ribbons and the long banners of colorful plastic bags hang out of it. Digger sentimentality perhaps? But in an underground river, like here in the Klov, there should not be any trash at all. Ukraine primarily has a separated sewer system: the river flows in one tunnel and household wastewater in another, unlike in Europe where everything flows together.

If there are no strong storms that force emergency overflows, then after treatment, the water enters the channel of an open body of water. For example, they open car washes and rinse the soap off into the underground river. There is another particularity of underground Europe — for the convenience of utilities, they have underground street signs. Ukrainian diggers, on the other hand, need no signs: they know everything like the back of their hand.

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The cavity ends in sewer grates. From there it is possible to see feet and hear cars. Nothing feel on my head — no trash even stuck to the walls. One of the reasons Kyiv flooded so badly last summer was precisely litter in the storm drains. And if the bag gets stuck there, the throughput gets many times worse. This was how memes appeared with Klychko swimming up from a flooded underground passageway. What did you do there? But operators can get confused and send the claim to the wrong service.

For example, a sewer near a factory fails, so the factory is responsible for the repair. Instead the claim can arrive at the Kyiv DOT or the Pleso municipal enterprise, which maintains a portion of the sewers. Or it simply falls by the wayside. They were forced to become a community organization. This started with a certain persistent individual. Having secured legal aid, the digger Mykhailo Storozhuk started writing to and bothering a variety of offices. Ultimately the sides reached an agreement: the water management bargained with the guy that he would inform them of accidents where there were leaks.

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This lasted for years. And when the diggers became a legal entity, the water management already understood knew the score. The water management organizes tours of their facilities for us. For this they were paid: according to the contract, a certain person got up to hryvnias every month. Today this digger can identify the place of the accident by the scent of the water.

Keepers of the Underground

For example, water from the water management smells like chlorine from a pool. River water smells like rotten leaves and the street. Diggers cooperate with organizations in various districts of the capital. They have other work, too. For example, they compiled a map of sewers for the Solomianka district — an ordinary task for diggers — because the state maps turned out to be out of date and poorly done.

Elon Musk unveils tunnel prototype in Los Angeles

Even though in general we have a choice: not all diggers notice accidents. But for us it has become a habit. The last large-scale accident happened last summer in the Hlybochytsia River that flows under Lower and Upper Val Streets. After a storm, a sewer there was pretty much washed away. A vault collapsed and large pieces of it were floating in the water, which in some places was greater than waist high. The diggers shot a piece on this with journalists and were climbing out of the manhole right when the chief engineer of the Podil district showed up.

Initially he shouted at them for a long time, but then he agreed it was better to collaborate. The diggers were even invited to a field meeting. At that moment, they also found a contractor that was supposed to undertake reconstruction. There are practically no new faces. This is one half of the problem, but the main issue is management.

The Future of Urban Transportation?

When the guys find some ancient grates, bricks, or what have you, they give them to the Museum of Water. They cannot be called treasure hunters — other people search for lost telephones and gold chains here, but history is important to the guys. In order to find new places or something truly exciting, Feodosii studies the archives. The first mechanized aqueduct — one of the oldest in Europe — was a brilliant find.

The diggers conjectured that the pipe itself was the aqueduct. In order to prove its function and location, they had to sort through a bunch of old blueprints and even ordered an engineering journal from the library in Khabarovsk, Russia. Two years later, Feodosii was able to confidently state they had found the aqueduct. He suddenly grows worried. There is construction happening on the territory of the Arsenal right where this old aqueduct passes. Farther on the tunnel only gets smaller.

Denmark’s ‘Disappearing Road’ Is Really An Awesome Underwater Highway
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road
Underground Road Underground Road

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