The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater

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    Reproduced in Frederic Jameson ed. New York: Verso. African Mythology, A-Z. New York: Chelsea House. Lloyd, M. Lyotard, J. Discourse Figure. Contains more than , pages pages of poetry, fiction, and over plays written in English and Spanish by hundreds of Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and other Latino authors working in the United States. North American Women's Drama. Contains 1, plays by playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies, and more.

    Periodical Archives Online. An archive of hundreds of journals and magaszines published in the arts, humanities and social sciences from the last two centuries. Includes many nineteenth century American periodicals, both literary and general interest as well as some technical, professional, and early scholarly journals.

    Twentieth-Century African American Poetry. A database of modern and contemporary African American poetry, featuring almost 9, poems by 62 of the most important African American poets of the last century.

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    Twentieth-Century American Poetry. Includes 50, poems drawn from volumes by over poets. Twentieth-Century English Poetry. A collection of more than volumes of poetry by poets from to the present day. The current release contains comic series, 1, comic books totalling , pages. Women's Travel Diaries. The diaries in this digital collection were written by British and American women who documented their travels to places around the globe, including India, the West Indies, countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as around the United States.

    There are over diaries of varying length,primarily from the 19th anc early 20th centuries. The Willa Cather Archive. The W. Yeats Collection. American Literary Scholarship: An Annual. Duke University Press, published since covering the years present. A selective, evaluative and authoritative survey by established scholars of important studies, editions, biographies, and reference works. The Year's Work in English Studies. America: History and Life.

    The principal article database for scholars of U. Any research project involving the relationship of American literature to issues such as labor, gender, economic conditioins, race, etc. An annual survey of the scholarship on the Modernists in particular and other writers who gained prominence between and Unfortunately, this survey ceased after the volume, but the surveys for the thirty-one years are very valuable. A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the South. Owen Robinson and Richard Gray. Wiley-Blackwell, Although dated, many older printed bibliographies did a much better job of surveying the scholarship within their parameters than did the sources that have evolved into MLAIB and ABELL.

    Therefore, they can be very valuable for identifying early and still important criticism and other secondary information. Brown, Christopher C. Detroit: Gale Research, Cassis, A. NY: Garland, A bibliography of studies of multiple novelists or the C20 novel as a genre.

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    The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater
    The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater
    The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater
    The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater
    The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater

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