Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life

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Public life

Eight matches took place at the event. The pay-per-view garnered , buys, down from , buys the previous year's event, Bragging Rights, received. Team Miller. He is currently serving a 2-year suspension for testing positive for the performance-enhancing drug recombinant human erythropoietin EPO. During his four years there, Dillashaw competed on the school's wrestling team and played on the football team for his junior year. At college, Dillashaw competed successfully for the Titans wrestling program.

Plot A violent slaughter occurs in an abandoned house in Louisiana where three college students are found dead. Detective Mark Lewis Frank Grillo examines the crime scene and finds a shocked survivor, John Dustin Milligan , before calling reinforcements. Several police cars then arrive at the house alongside an ambulance with psychologist, Dr.

Elizabeth Klein Maria Bello. She talks to John, who tells her that a seance performed in the house called the attention of many spirits, including one he identified as his mother, and that two of the group members - his pregnant girlfriend, Michelle Cody Horn , and her ex-boyfriend, Bryan Scott Mechlowicz - are still missing. The following scenes consist of two interla. He is best known for his role in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.

He developed a reputation as having killed more than a dozen men in various altercations, but modern researchers have concluded that, contrary to popular myth-making, Holliday killed only one or two men. Holliday's colorful life and character have been depicted in many books and portrayed by well-known actors in numerous movies and television series. He set up practice in Atlanta, Georgia, but he was soon diagnosed with tuberculosis, the same disease that had claimed his mother when he was 15, having acquired it while tending to her needs while she was still in the contagious phase of the illness.

Hoping the climate in the American Southwest would ease. He represented the riding of Carleton. He served as a cabinet minister in the government of E.

Background Grant was born in Ottawa. Dictionary of Canadian Biography online ed. University of Toronto Press. Ontario Legislative Assembly parliamentary history. Bonney was an American Old West outlaw and gunfighter who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at age McCarty was orphaned at age The owner of a boarding house gave him a room in exchange for work. His first arrest was for stealing food at age 16 in late Ten days later, he robbed a Chinese laundry and was arrested, but he escaped only two days later.

He tried to stay with his stepfather, and then fled from New Mexico Territory into neighboring Arizona Territory, making him both an outlaw and a federal fugitive. In , McCarty began to refer to himself as "William H. He beca. He studied at the University of Toronto and Queen's University. Pyne served as secretary and treasurer for the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. He married Mary Isobel Macqueen. He practiced medicine in Toronto and also served on the Toronto school board and Board of Health.

He served as assistant surgeon in the local militia. He resigned his seat in and was named clerk for York County. Pyne was also a governor for the University of Toronto. He was put in charge of establishing a military hospital in England, at which time he was made a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Army. References Charlesworth, HW Seven matches took place at the event. Wrestlers portrayed villains or heroes as they followed a series of events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

It is based on the toy Robosapien. Plot At Kinetech Labs, an inventor named Allan Topher designs a robot for search and rescue, but when he finds out that the robot will be used for military purposes, he programs the robot to flee. The robot escapes but is damaged in the process. It is discovered by year-old Henry Keller, who fixes it and. The 15th Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from October 20, , until May 10, , just prior to the general election.

The party approached Ernest Charles Drury, who had not run in the election, to serve as party leader and premier. Drury was elected in a by-election held in Halton in The majority of the United Farmers seats were won at the expense of the Conservative party, who had formed the government in the preceding assembly. Nelson Parliament served as speaker for the assembly. Henry Jackson Thomas Jr. He is best known for his breakout role in Steven Spielberg's film E.

Personal life Thomas was born in San Antonio, Texas. His mother, Carolyn L. They had a daughter, Hazel. The couple were divorced in Thomas also has two children with his current wife Annalee. Although the band was not signed to a record label, its self-produced album Twister was warmly received and enjoyed statewide radio play. Thomas continued to write and record songs. In , his so. The 14th Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from June 29, , until September 23, , just prior to the general election.

Whitney in September David Jamieson served as speaker for the assembly. He attended high school in Port of Spain Trinidad while his father was posted there[1] and won a scholarship to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Falconer was ordained in but never held a clerical position. He also began to publish articles in learned journals. In he became president of the University of Toronto. He steered a middle path, combining pure scholarship with practicality. Thus he introduced more vocational subjects, while also developing higher degree programmes.

He sought to maximise the independe. William Joseph "Bill" Cody Sr. Cody, often called "the reel Bill Cody", began his acting career in the early days of film, and just happened to have the same name as "Buffalo" Bill Cody, although he was not a relation. Cody's name was what initially drew producers to him; however he soon proved to be a charismatic performer in his own right. Biography Born in St.

Paul, Minnesota, the son of William F. Johns University. This eventually led him to Hollywood. In he began working as a stuntman. Golburg's company, Independent Pictures, al. This led him to cement his status as one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood during the s and s. It was founded by royal charter in as King's College , the first institution of higher learning in the colony of Upper Canada. Originally controlled by the Church of England, the university assumed the present name in upon becoming a secular institution.

As a collegiate university, it comprises eleven colleges, which differ in character and history, each with substantial autonomy on financial and institutional affairs. It has two satellite campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga. He was ordained a Church of England priest in and later served in Toronto at St. Paul's, Bloor Street. In , the Anglican Church counted , members on parish rolls in congregations, organised into parishes. Toronto Northeast was an Ontario provincial electoral district that existed from to In there was a major redistribution of Ontario seats which resulted in Toronto Northeast being split between four new ridings called St.

Patrick, St. George, St. David, and Eglinton. The Ministry of Education EDU is the Government of Ontario ministry responsible for government policy, funding, curriculum planning and direction in all levels of public education, including elementary and secondary schools. Cody maintained a great interest in the University of Toronto throughout his life. He was a member of the Royal Commission on the University of Toronto which reported in , [1] and later was the Chairman of the Royal Commission on University Finances that reported in He would later become President of the university in , and then its Chancellor in Cody's son, Maurice, has a K—6 school named after him in Toronto.

At the University of Toronto Schools , the Cody house in the intramural house system is named in his honour.

The school follows a specialized academic curriculum, and admission is determined by competitive examination. Frain, born in Paris, France, ; d. May 18, at Weston, Missouri, m. Louis, Mo. Lucinda Rosamond, the eldest child by 1st wife has written that the earliest memories of her father were as a merchant and successful business man of Weston, Missouri. He must have been prosperous and generous, for there were servants in the home, and for the daughter, one of the first pianos brought west of the Mississippi River, silver, jewels, silks, and other luxuries of the day.

Elijah Cody believed in higher education for women, and sent his daughter to a fine seminary in St. After his 2nd marriage, Elijah removed to Denver, Colo. June 16, Children by 2nd m. York Co. Phillipps, Mch. June 14, , Thousand Isles, St. Lawrence River, Ont. He settled in Toronto on Dundas St. In they set sail for Oregon via Cape Horn and settled in Oregon in on the Willamette River near Portland, where he engaged in nursery stock and fruit growing. Barnhart was a member of Protestant Episcopal Church, a Sunday school and local teacher; they lived to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary and her sister Sophia Cody, who was her bridesmaid, celebrated the anniversary with them.

May 13, in Oregon. Children: William Henry Barnhart, b. May 20, in Ontario, m. June 20, , Toronto Twp. Oregon, , m - Apr. Oregon Toronto, Apr. Nasturra Bay, Oregon—unmarried. July 27, in Oregon, John Clark Buchanan. Buried at Pilot Knob. At the age of 17 years Isaac accompanied his parents when they with others of the family removed from Canada to Cleveland, Ohio.

Having learned something of surveying from his father while in Canada, Isaac continued his study here and made this his calling. She died soon after the birth of her first child. He married 2nd, Rebecca Sumner of Medina Co. There were no children of this marriage. He married 3rd, at Cincinnati, Ohio, She was of good education, and had been a school teacher.

Soon after the third marriage, Isaac and his wife went west where they took up a grant of land in Iowa Territory. They are said to have been the first white family to live in Kansas, and one of their children the first white child born there. Isaac made the necessary arrangements and contract with the officials in Washington, and proceeded to seek anti-slavery colonists for Kansas. In this interest he spoke in various places, both east and west. Upon one occasion he was attacked by a pro-slavery advocate and wounded seriously.

Children: of 1st. Martha Cody, b. June 14, Medina Co. Samuel J. Cody, b. LeClair, Iowa, Sept. May 10, at Salt Creek Valley, Kansas, d. Joseph was still in his teens when his parents moved from Canada and settled in Ohio, and his education was continued in Cleveland. Here he studied law, and his office is listed in an early directory of that city. He married 1st in Cuyahoga Co. Eliza Fowls of Middleburg, Ohio. She was educated at a good school in the east, and after her marriage, she and Joseph lived with her parents in their commodious home.

Here she drew about her the culturally and socially prominent people of the City, and here their only child was born. When this daughter was about six years of age, they went west, where Joseph dealt in real estate.

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Upon the death of Mrs. A few years after their return to Cleveland, Joseph died at the age of After the marriage of her daughter, Mrs. Cody lived with her in Chicago. June 27, , Toronto Twn. When scarcely past her childhood, Lydia left Canada with her parents for Ohio. Some three years later she married in Cleveland, John Odell, a young man of a well placed family. They made their home at Twinsburg, a small farming centre about thirty miles south. Here John Odell conducted a general store, and was Post-master, and here their seven children were born.

With failing health, John sold his profitable business and the family moved into Cleveland, his death occurring shortly thereafter. After the settling of the estate, Lydia had built for her and her family a large brick house, on land which her father had given her.

This was for many years one of the attractive homes in that part of Cleveland, surrounded by trees, shrubbery and flowers. Here she lived until her children were grown and married, when she sold the home and lived in a home of comfortable pretensions, near some of her children. John Odell was born , son of Eli Odell who had come from Connecticut and settled on a good sized farm in Geauga Co. Both he and his wife had education above average for their time, both were members of the Methodist church.

He died July 18, Children: Nathan Delos Odell, b. Sarah Elizabeth dau. July 6, at Twinsburg, Ohio, d. July 7, at Kansas City, Mo. Banking and insurance, d. Lake View Cem. He was still not quite twenty-one when he enlisted in the Civil War and soon was made corporal in the 19th Ohio Battery. They were with Sherman at the siege of Knoxville, also in Atlanta. He served three years. He was for many years a highly regarded appraiser for the City of Cleveland and various firms, m.

New York and New Rochelle, N. Central Railroad Executive, d. White Plains, N. May 14, Twinsburg, Ohio, d. Riverside, Calif. Fruitgrower, d. Jan 6, at Riverside, Calif. George Mclntire, 1 dau. Her grandfather Ahimaaz sr. Several letters written by Harriet have been preserved, and show her to have been a person of good mind and education.

She died Feb. When Philip Cody was but a lad, his parents, with others of the family, moved from Canada to Cleveland, Ohio. His early education was in the schools in Canada, and was graduated in medicine at Cincinnati, Ohio. After the birth of his first child, and after a year or more in the practice of medicine, he went to Davenport, Iowa, on the advice of the uncle of his wife, Andrew Logan, editor of the Davenport News. Here Philip studied with a well regarded law firm, and also studied the social philosophy of Fourier with its attendant ramifications.

Now which of these two conditions, think you, is the destiny of mankind? After a short illness Philip Cody died at the age of He is buried at Sheboygan, Wis. The following spring Harriet and her three young sons came to live in the home of their inheritance. He married in , Louisa No information is available of Stephen Alexander.

The son of his half-brother, in an old letter said that he believed that his uncle had at one time had a book shop in New York City. Nothing further is known of him. He removed from Cicero. Here he married Nov. She died Apr. He married 2nd at Waukegan, Aug. Married 3rd, Dec. Nelson was a druggist, and his wife assisted him in the business of his store, and operated a real estate business as well.

She lived in Ventura, but later in Monterey and Los Angeles. Child by 2nd marriage: Onka J. Farmer and hotel keeper, d. May 9, at Carey, Ohio. She was bp. July 2, June 22, May 27, June 7, May 23, July 24, , Union, Conn. May 10, James Phinney. Children: Phila Ann Phinney, b. Appleton, Wis. Phinney, res. Phinney, b. Farmer and real estate dealer, d. July 9, at Vernon Centre, N. In he left Oneida for Illinois where he was a school teacher for many years. Methodist and Republican, d.

Robert Falconer

Sugar Creek Cem. Ann Barber, b. May 5, , Oneida, Co.. Children: Mary Armstrong, b. July 30, , at Oneida Co.

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Isaac 3, Joseph 2, Philip 1 , b. Union, Conn. Merchant and postmaster at Bloomingdale, Ill. Removed to Illinois from Oneida Co. He was a man of unusual mental and physical vigor, known for his frankness and independence in thought and action, d. May 1, , at Bloomingdale, Ill. Miner, May 18, , Huldah Calantha, dau.

Children, born Vernon Centre, N. June 11, Came to Lisbon, Ill. New York State, Mch. Farmer, Justice of the Peace and assistant assessor of Internal Revenue, d. May 5, , at Lisbon, Ill. In the call of the then west country beckoned them and Mr. Jarvis Moore with many others from Oneida started their trek westward and settled in Kendall Co. In Mr. Jarvis Moore with three others, five in all, organized and were the constituent members of the Methodist Episcopal church at its formation.

Moore was firm in her religion, watching with great solicitude over this infant church. June 19, Franklin Moore, b. July 15, , d. July 11, , at Lisbon, Ill. Loy, b. Moore, b. July 2, , d. Lisbon, Ill. Lived at Vernon Centre, N. Boot and shoemaker. Sergeant, 2nd Lieut. Vernon Centre Post Office was established here soon after the War of and Pitt Cody was among the first, if not the first, postmaster.

He kept the office in his shoe shop. Vernon Centre, N. Children: Cornelia Diantha, b. May 24, May 31, , Fondulac, Wis. Ripon, Wis. Moved to Lisbon, Ill. United with Methodist Episcopal Church at age Shoemaker and postmaster at Lisbon from June to Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain in Rifle Co. July 13, , age 27 yrs. Harriett, dau. Children by 2nd marriage: Mary Amelia, b.

July 8, Enlisted Sept. D, th Illinois Infantry; d. Oneida, N. May 14, at Lisbon, Ill. Children: John Moore, b. Merchant and land owner, d. July 28, at Lisbon, Ill. Harriett Maria was his first cousin. July 5, , Vernon, N. Merchant, d. June 18, at Vernon, N. May 27, at Lisbon, Ill. After death of Emeline he m. Janette Gilfillan. Vernon, N. Wallingford, Conn. Farmer, merchant, and gold miner, d.

Children: Alieura Huldah, b. New York State, Lisbon, Ill. Farmer and Contractor, d. No children. Oswego Co. Washentaw Co. He was a captain in the war of , Supervisor of Township, commission and overseer of the poor, d. They had one son, John S. Kellogg, b. May 19, , d. Syracuse, N. Also packet boat captain. Glass elected sheriff setting aside Joel Cody, who wanted and was entitled to the office. William Beauchamp Vol. Children: Rachel Amelia, b. Farmer in Granby Co.

Anna Coffin, b. July 6, Monroe City, Mich. Hammill—no children. May 19, i, at Evansville, Ind. Barney Codv removed with his father from Marcellus, N. He remained there for a time, assisting him to build a new house. He ultimately settled on a farm nearby where his children were all born. During the California gold rush in his eldest son Clark left home for California and then soon afterwards the next three younger sons followed, thus leaving the father without help on his farm, which he soon sold and purchased a home in Evansville.

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He was a school trustee and city councilman many times. Children, all born Evansville, Ind.

July 19, , Sally Pulliam, b. Bartholomew Co. Indiana, farmer, d. Kelly or surname may have been Skelly. He lived with his parents in Marcellus, N. In together they made a trip to New Orleans returning to Ohio, but subsequently settled in Indiana. He had a son in the army in that campaign. His son Button had previously served in the regular army at the age of 17 and at the commencement of the Rebellion joined the Union army being a seasoned soldier, and was engaged in many battles.

He was commissioned captain. Children by 1st marriage: Kane. Barney , b. July 23, June 14, at Marcellus, N. Leslie, Mich. May 5, , Rev. Hiram Bowdish, son of David and Lucy Fuller, b. He was a Baptist clergyman for 40 yrs. July 30, , bur. Children: Eliza Ann Fuller, b. School teacher. Michigan Volunteers and promoted to Division horse farrier, d.

Fuller, b. Reed City, Mich. Orsamus S. June 13, , Reed City, Mich. Teacher, d. Lodi Cem. Farmer and stock raiser, b. Olive, Clinton Co. After the death of Roxey m. Hannah Partridge. After their marriage they resided in Zorra Twp. The roads being impassable, Mr. Gillette built a boat at Beachville, Ont. Clair about miles, thence by aid of a temporary sail made of a sheet, sailed across the lake to Detroit. From Detroit they went to Jackson and Mrs. Gillette was among the first white women to settle there. From the city of Jackson they went to a farm near Olive, Mich.

Children: Augustus Gillette, b. Armstrong, m. Gillette, b. July 26, , m. Gillette, m. John M. Hill View Cem. Woodstock, Ont. Farmer, Magistrate for 30 yrs. Aug 30, , Beachville, Ont. Children: Sarah Jane Thornton, b. Oxford Twp. July 18, , m. Apr 20, , d. Sweaburg, Ont. June 6, , Henry, son of Robert and Hannah Fordon, b. England, d. July 4, , West Oxford Twp.

June 22, at Aberdeen, Scotland. July 17, , West Oxford Twp. General Merchant, d. July 31, , m. May 9, Farmer and school teacher. Ont, and Dryden, Mich. He was a devout member of the Baptist church, m. Children: Lyman Henry, b. June 17, , was in Civil War, unm. July Dry goods merchant, lumberman and farmer.

As a young man he worked with his father on the farm at Marcellus; about the age of 20 he went to Detroit, Mich. He remained there for a time, then returned to Detroit; here he bought dry goods and jewelry and went to Grand Haven, up the Grand River to Grand Rapids, and there opened a trading post and bought furs from the Indians. After the Civil War began he went to Michigan and pursued the lumber business.

In he took his family west in a covered wagon to Iowa where he bought a ranch. In he returned to Michigan and made his home in Midland. July 2, , at Midland, Mich. July 2, , Midland, Mich. June 10, Farmer, Liberal in politics, Methodist, d. July 13, , West Oxford Twp. He learned the carpentry trade with his father; also took up a hundred acres of land in Zorra, near his father, which he soon sold and removed to West Oxford where he purchased acres, improved it and held it for some years, m.

West Oxford Twp. May 5, , at Floyd, N. Children: John, b. June 20, , Beachville, Ont. June 13, , Norwich, Ont. Burgessville, Ont. He married and at about age 23 suffered a severe cold which led to tuberculosis, m. After death of Elijah Cody she married John Hall. He taught in the rural school of West Zorra Twp. The outstanding characteristic of Mervin Cody was his spiritual life and his interest in the couse of temperance. He was a member and deacon of the Baptist Church at Beachville, Ont.

When he retired from his farm near Embro, he made his home with his son Dr.

Josiah Millard Cody at Tremont. He was buried at Embro, Ont. West Nissouri Twp. July 24, , Sweden Twp. June 20, , at Embro. He lived to within six days of his 10 1 st birthday. His mind and memory to the last were splendid. Children, all b. West Zorra Twp. May 17, , d.

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Zorra Twp. Embro, Ont. June 10, , res - Ontario, Illinois, and Florida, teacher, m. July 23, , Rev. He was a Methodist clergyman, d. July 6, , Fullerton, Ont. London, Ont. John Campbell. May 16, July 28, , d. Carpenter, unmarried.

Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life
Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life
Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life
Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life
Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life
Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life

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