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Joseph L. Mills, M. Among his great many honors, he has served as president of the Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society, president of the Western Vascular Society, president of the Association of Program Directors. Res; J. Surg, etc. Kevin leads an active research group focusing on pathophysiology, prevention and treatment of aortic disease.

He is the chair of the international vascular registry collaboration Vascunet, and has performed several national and international registry-based epidemiological studies on management of aortic disease. He has authored or co-authored more than scientific manuscripts and 50 chapters.

Graduated medical school in from Aarhus University, Denmark. PhD degree in , and doctoral degree in medical sciences DMSci in Principal investigator of three large population based screening trials involving more than During my medical degree I completed a BSc in cell biology, which sparked my interest in basic science research. Our aim is to improve functional outcomes of patients with peripheral arterial disease through increased understanding of pathological processes within the muscle, primarily muscle repair and regeneration. Our secondary focus is the role exosomes in this process and how this alters in ischaemic conditions.

Within vascular surgery he has a particular interest in the investigation and management of varicose veins and complex venous disease, including vascular malformations. He is currently the research lead and clinical adviser to the UK NHS abdominal aortic aneurysm screening programme. She is a specialist nurse in vascular surgical nursing and her main research area concerns the care of persons with vascular surgical diseases. Other areas are development of instruments aimed to evaluate patient reported outcomes, patient safety and quality improvement. His academic and research interests have focused on the development of endoluminal therapies for vascular disease.

This was followed by a vascular surgery fellowship in In he defended his PhD-thesis in Biomaterial research and then left France to do a research endovascular fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, under the supervision of Dr. Roy K. In he returned to Lille as a staff vascular surgeon at the University Hospital. In he was appointed Professor of Vascular Surgery. In he was invited to chair the vascular surgical department.

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He has published extensively in the international peer review literature. He has been using Echo-guided Foam Sclerotherapy for more almost 20 years to treat all kinds of varicose veins, from saphenous veins to recurrent varicose veins. His main field of research is the assessment and the prevention of the potential side effects of foam sclerotherapy.

Began his career in Lisbon Portugal after completing a Bachelor degree in Cardiopneumology , a Masters in Biophysics and a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering Anna Ericsson received her nursing degree in In she became a registered anesthetic nurse, with a focus in caring for vascular patients undergoing surgical procedures. Eckstein is a dedicated academic vascular surgeon with interests in mechanobiological interactions and molecular imaging of aortic aneurysms and carotid artery disease and vascular health care research in Germany.

Holger Diener is a general surgeon, a vascular specialist and wound specialist. Since he is consultant at the Department of vascular medicine at the University of Hamburg. Technical and scientific steering of research projects comprise vascular infections, replacement of infected prosthetic grafts by allografts and wound healing. I am active in clinical research, in particular in the field of interventional treatment of coronary artery disease, carotid and peripheral artery disease, and valvular heart disease.

Darling oversees one of the largest vascular care networks in the United States. He is internationally recognized as a clinicianscientist and has led practice guideline efforts in PAD for the Society for Vascular Surgery. One of two full professors chairs in VS in the country. Uppsala University, is the oldest University of Northern Europe, founded A member of the ethics committee of the Swedish research council, of the regional ethics committee, and has investigated suspected research misconduct. He has been bestowed with honorary corresponding membership of the German Vascular Society.

Special interests — carotid artery surgery — AAA and TAA repair open and endovascular — venous surgery — peripheric arterial surgery.

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Professor Wanhainen is a general and vascular surgeon who specializes in advanced open and endovascular surgery of complex aortic aneurysms and dissections. He has authored more than articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks, and is the supervisor for 20 PhD-students, seven who completed their PhD. She trained at Ghent University Hospital and at St.

She continues to focus on research about endovascular training supported by the Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders, Belgium. Professor A. He is co-chairman of the ESVS carotid and vertebral artery guidelines, which will be published in September His clinical practice is focused on complex endovascular aortic repair which he also uses to inform his translational research programme. She has authored and co-authored over articles in peer-reviewed journals. She acted as Reviewer Coordinator for the recently published ESVS guidelines on management of chronic venous disease, publihed.

She is one of the UIP vice-presidents. Dr Peter Gloviczki — Joe M.

Cardiovascular and ocular biomaterials

Gloviczki earned his medical degree in at Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest, Hungary where he completed his general and vascular surgery training. Gloviczki had extensive clinical practice that included all areas of vascular surgery: arterial, venous and lymphatic. While on the staff at Mayo Clinic, he performed over 10, operations. He has a special interest in aortic, mesenteric, and renovascular surgery, critical limb ischemia and he is an expert in reconstruction of large veins, in endoscopic perforator vein surgery, vascular malformations, chronic venous insufficiency, in lymphatic and chylous disorders.

He is author of full-length peer-reviewed articles, more than book chapters, editorials and reviews and has given over presentations. He mentored 85 categorical vascular surgery fellows and 25 research fellows. I studied medicine in the USA after obtaining a PhD in Biophysics in London , before returning to Britain where I completed clinical training in London in pathology, specialising in cardiovascular pathology.

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Fast-Track Presentations Session 8. Fast-Track Presentations Session 6. Fast-Track Presentations Session 4. Symposium 08 - Vascular Surgeons in Dangerous Places. Seminar 01 - Radiation Protection. Symposium 09 - Carotid Body Tumours.

CA16122 - Biomaterials and advanced physical techniques for regenerative cardiology and neurology

Fast-Track Presentations Session 5. Fast-Track Presentations Session 2. Fast-Track Presentations Session 9. Fast-Track Presentations Session 7. Fast-Track Presentations Session 3. Ivan Barna Ukraine. Fast-Track Presentations Session 1. A Single Center Study. Symposium 06 - Atrial Fibrillation and the Vascular Surgeon.

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Valeria Caso, Italy. Symposium 05 - Breaking News Clinical Trials. Seminar 05 - Clinical Leadership. Symposium - Janet Powell Honorary Lecture. Scientific Session 03 - Carotid. Symposium - Nicolai Volodos Honorary Lecture. Scientific Session 01 - Prize Session. Seminar 03 - Meet the Trialists.

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Chair : Richard Bulbulia, United Kingdom Come and hear world-leading clinical trialists discuss their first-hand experience of designing, running and reporting landmark vascular surgical RCTs. Scientific Session 05 - PAD. Industry Lunch Symposium. Sign up to receive the latest news about ESVS. Fast-Track Oral Presentations Session 4. Fast-Track Oral Presentations Session 3. Fast-Track Oral Presentations Session 2. Ms Celia Riga. Ms Rebecka Striberger. Dr Willian Jordan. Mr Mark Welch. Prof Hence JM Verhagen.

Cardiovascular pathologies, such as heart valve disease, atherosclerosis or myocardial insufficiency, are the leading reasons for mortality in industrialized parts of the world. Advanced disease stages require tissue repair or replacement by implants such as heart valve prostheses.

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Alexander Assmann, has set its focus on the development, characterization and translational evaluation of naturally derived scaffolds for cardiovascular applications. In particular, our interdisciplinary research projects cover the following topics:. Christofer Delfs; cand. Kai Zwirnmann; cand. Franziska Schiffer; cand. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihnen einen besseren Service zu bieten, den Seitenverkehr zu analysieren, Inhalte zu personalisieren und gezielte Werbung zu schalten.

JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. Doctoral Candidates. Experimental Groups. Klinische Studien. Contact person. Alexander Assmann.

European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials (ESVB)

Cardiovascular Biomaterials Engineering and Translational Research Cardiovascular pathologies, such as heart valve disease, atherosclerosis or myocardial insufficiency, are the leading reasons for mortality in industrialized parts of the world.

Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials
Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials
Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials
Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials
Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials
Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials
Cardiovascular Biomaterials Cardiovascular Biomaterials

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